Friday, August 26, 2011

typography 3 // warm up

for this assignment, we were to recite this paragraph about amsterdam  using only type and and no color. here's what i came up with.

in this one i just simply emphasized words to their meanings.

this one i was trying to sort of create a picture of the city on the river with the type.

this one i was just playing with the type and it ended up looking like buildings on water, even though i wasn't really going for that again. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

visual language // find+share

here's a few examples of rhetorical devices that we learned about in visual language.

Ete Hiver Chamonix Mont-Blanc Poster by Henry Reb, 1933

Antithesis/Hyperbole/Synecdoche - This piece of art is displaying two completely separate things that can be done on the same mountain. Antithesis is used by putting these side by side showing how different the two activities are. A giant ski and rock hammer are used to seperate the two images. These two items are larger than the mountain making them hyperboles because they are exaggerated in size. Also, you can look at these two objects and immediately associate them with the correct activity therefore they are synecdoches.

Illustrated by Kevin Yowell on March 10, 2011

Irony - This one is pretty self-explanatory since paper is made from trees and it clearly states the irony on the illustration. 

Personification/Pun - This one is a little bit of both personification and a pun because the escape key is escaping. I was not able to find the artist and date of this piece. I found it on one of my favorite inspirational websites,

Parody - One very common Parody done is to the Obama's "Hope" poster. It turns out the original creator of the poster, Shepard Fairey committed copyright infringement himself for the photo, therefore he could not press charges on others for creating parodies on his photo. 

Hyperbole/Pun/Metaphor - This Febreeze advertisement displays a variety of rhetoric terms. It's an obvious hyperbole because the dog and doghouse are extremely exaggerated. The dog house also becomes a pun because the dog house is literally shown as a dog and a house. It's also a metaphor because the two unrelated objects are combined to get the idea across. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

visual language - peter nero research

first assignment for visual language! we're beginning our research for our jazz artist that will be playing at the folly theatre. below is information about the piano stud, peter nero and a moodboard that gives a good feel of what his music sounds like.

Peter Nero
Erica Downing, Jessi Wilson, Ashley Einspahr

Peter Nero was born Bernard Nierow on May 22, 1934, in Brooklyn. He started learning the piano when he was seven. He loved the piano and learned to play quite quickly. By eleven he was playing Haydn concertos from memory and soon grew bored with classical music. That is when he found jazz. At the age of fourteen he was accepted into New York’s prestigious High School of Music and Art. Later he won a scholarship to the Juilliard School of music. He also attended Brooklyn College to earn a B.A degree.
His recording career began with his first album in 1961, for which he won a Grammy for "best new artist." He has subsequently released another 67 albums, won another Grammy, and been nominated for ten more. He scored & performed the film Sunday in New York. His fundraising has helped save school music programs, construct art centers, and research for cancer, dystonia, and autism. He has been divorced 3 times, but has two children, Beverly and Jedd. As an aspiring jazz musician in the 50's, he played in clubs and saloons as an intermission pianist.
Peter Nero is considered one of the best interpreters of Gershwin. His favorite artists include Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, and Vladimir Horowitz, Roger Kellaway, Carmen McRae, Frank Sinatra, the Basie Band.
After many years of playing Nero developed a unique swinging hybrid of of jazz, classical, Broadway, swing, and blues music. He has avoided categorization by connecting different types of music in one, this is his trademark. Nero told High Fidelity, “This is strictly an expression of myself, an expression of impatience with both jazz and classical music.”
Nero's stunning piano skills are characterized by his brilliant passage work, rapid bass lines, arpeggio-like figures ascending and descending and several dynamic variations. He plays both fast, thrilling music, along with slow, peaceful music marked by beautiful lyricism. Music Critic, Peter Dobrin stated that Nero "plays piano like a dream". Nero entertains his audiences with his unique mix of popular classics with his own flair. He arranges his music using his own expertise with authenticity and an inviting sense of humor.
Nero's long list of honors include six Honorary Doctorates, two historic walks of fame, ten Grammy nominations, two Grammy Awards, a Distinguished Arts Award, and many more honors and awards. His album, Summer of '42, received an Million Selling gold single and album award. He was even named the world's "Number One Artist" by Cashbox Magazine. He has made several television appearances such as "The Tonight Show", "Rhapsody in Blue", and has been profiled on several news channels.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

na - project 1//initial research


i figured i'd post a few things that i've done in the past that way i can actually have some stuff on my blog. smiley face.

wedding invite i did for a class last year. 

a photoshop rendering of my package design product. i don't have a picture of the final product on this computer otherwise i'd totally post that.

a book about chocolate that doesn't really look like a book at all.

a poster i designed for our portfolio show at my old college.

another poster i did for a play that our theatre students preformed.

personalized stationary.

hii, i'm ashley!

since i seem to be the noob in class i figured i'd put a little more information about me for those who are curious. i'm not very good at writing in detail about myself, so i figured i'd just list some random facts about me instead. but if you have any questions feel free to ask. i'm way friendly. =]

  • i'm not a big fan of using capital and lowercase letters together. so most of my projects are like this or LIKE THIS. 
  • i'm generally a grammar freak.
  • i'm new to this whole city thing. i still have yet to try these seemingly popular restaurants such as chipotle, the cheesecake factory, etc. so far i love the city though - especially in this area. there's so many things to do and so much awesome scenery and art. ahhh, i just love it.
  • i have 5 sibilings. i'm the oldest.
  • purple is the greatest color ever in my opinion. 
  • i'm big into photography.
  • i've had the chicken pox twice. 
  • i really enjoy singing. i've been in musical groups all throughout high school and college, so i'm having some withdrawals here. 
  • i also play some guitar - mainly acoustic. i'm probably suuper rusty though since i haven't had time to play much this summer. sad day. 
  • i have the fattest cat you've ever laid eyes on. seriously, stop by my apartment sometime. he's the bomb.
  • i have awesome taste in music. just saying.
  • i love love love video games. 
that should give you a pretty good idea for now. like i said, just ask if you have any questions. i'm so excited to be here. =]