Tuesday, September 27, 2011

visual language // modes of appeal f + s


Elegant Expressions
Wax Melts

Target Audience: Shopping women, customers in search for smell goods

The photo along with the clear film revealing the product and its smell provokes the customer to smell the product, especially because the pie and apple photo almost creates a craving for the scent.


Rachael Ray

Target Audience: Mothers, Cooks, People who watch Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is obviously the leading feature on this product package. The package is relying on people who have watched her show to trust the product.


Cascadian Farm Organic
Chewy Granola Bars

Target Audience: Mothers, Children, Healthy shoppers

This packaging for this product really emphasizes all the health facts right on the front in an eye-catching typeface.

Monday, September 26, 2011

visual language // final billboard

Here's my final billboard iteration for the Folly. We decided that this one works best because there's more space around the text so it's more easily read and less crowded. The composition is split in half diagonally which seemed like a better balance than having a majority of it filled with either half.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

visual language // final jazz poster + billboards

For my Peter Nero jazz poster, I ended up with this minimalistic version. Because Nero plays with a lot of energy, I used a very bright, attention-grabbing blue for the background. I carefully chose this color keeping both energy and classiness in mind. The stripes running along the background were helpful in giving more of the classy feel. They look very similar to pin stripes on tux, which is very appropriate for Nero since he's always wearing one while performing. They can also be read as the strings inside of a piano. Along the bottom, I decided to give the piano keys an abstract look in order to play off Nero's abstract way of playing. He often uses a lot of trickery and rapid movement with his finger work, so the abstracted keys seemed very fitting. I stuck with the Futura typeface because it helped give it that classy, very clean look.

The rhetorical tropes present within this poster are hyperbole and synecdoche. Hyperbole is shown because the piano keys take up a large portion of the poster, so they seem much larger than usual. Synecdoche is used by knowing that Nero plays piano just by a zoomed in shot of some abstracted piano keys.

Below are some iterations of my poster in billboard form.

Friday, September 23, 2011

typography 3 // tender buttons anthology

When reading through Gertrude Stein’s poems in Tender Buttons, I was interested in her unique word choice. Although her main purpose seems to be the sound of words rather than their meanings, it seemed to me that she chose specific words very carefully. I found certain words triggering certain moods and senses In my book, I decided to focus on these words and make them as visually pleasing as they were to read. My aim was that when looking, as well as reading the words, they would trigger one of the 5 senses (smell, sound, taste, sight, touch).

To do this, I found the words that related to my senses and aimed to display them in a fashion related to that sense. In order to avoid being too literal, I began using methods of foreshadowing and irony. To make the text layout even more interesting, I kept in mind the rhythm of how I read each poem out loud and broke it up accordingly.

I decided to print my anthology onto linen paper sew stitched it in order to reinforce the senses of touch and sight. I indexed my senses into different uneven layers of my booklet. I purposely made each layer's cut choppy and angled showing Gertrude Stein's freedom of perfection and to give it somewhat of a cubist look to go a long with the pictures.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

na // project 1 - tender buttons

When reading through Gertrude Stein's poems, I was immediately interested in her unique word choice. Although her main purpose seems to be the sound of words rather than their meanings, I could tell through her word choice that she picked them carefully. I found certain words triggering certain feelings and moods. I decided to focus on these words and try to present them visually to further these triggered senses. In the two videos below, I focused on two of the five senses: sound and sight.

While composing these, I was running into the problem of making the words too literal. I was trimming the word "trimmed" and popping the word "pop". While I didn't completely remove all these literal connotations, I decided to use other methods to illustrate the word meanings such as foreshadowing. I experimented with these methods in order to help trigger certain senses with the words and movement of my poems.

A Sound - Poem by Gertrude Stein from Ashley Einspahr on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ahhh, I found this new inspirational site that I absolutely adore. It has all kinds of artsy creations on there - illustration, design, products, typography. And you have to admit, the name is quite clever. Check it outt here! 

visual language // 5 poster designs

here's what i've narrowed down my poster designs to. i decided to really focus on the piano keys with the black keys abstracted throughout the keyboard. this is done to reveal nero's unique style of playing and his quick finger tricks that he does often while composing his music. i tried to give my posters a classy, sophisticated look with a touch of modern colors and shapes in order to attract a younger audience also.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

visual language // rendering methods

here's some rendering methods i started experimenting with for my peter nero poster. soon i'll also upload my matrix.