Sunday, December 4, 2011

[type 3] koenig book

well i got my blurb book in, howeverrrr the pages are all off one. i figured i'd still upload pictures of the actual book since i've done some revisions on my cover and they look more professional. i'll hopefully be returning this book to get one that's actually correct back. if so, i'll update these. but for now, enjoy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

[type 3] INDIEN type specimen

INDIEN Type Specimen

Gentle Roar by Niki & The Dove
this is meant to be viewed with audio. if you'd like to get the full effect, click the play button above while viewing.

my first typeface. i thought this project was a lot of fun and an awesome experience. i really wish i would have established exactly what direction i was going earlier on that way i could have took it further and have added some elements that i didn't have time for at this point. i am, however, happy with the typeface i've developed - especially since i fought with fontstruct for awhile. when i did finally establish my direction, i found it to be very fitting with my typeface, so i am thankful to have finally found it. i'd explain it here, but that's what the specimen above is for. if i can find the time in the future, i hope to revisit this and enhance it a little more to my liking. for example, i'd like to incorporate some hand drawn patterns in the slides. maybe if i get a wacom for christmas. :]

[na] final gertrude stein revision

my completely new gertrude stein poem - definitely a huge jump from my first project at the beginning of the year. i've finally got a better grasp of after effects to the point where i no longer hate it's guts (if computer programs had guts.....).

but anyways, i'll start off explaining what i was aiming at with this final piece. my goal was to reflect stein's lack of control and freedom of mind through the floating letters and sounds forming words. another way of looking at it is that i was trying to sort of capture her thought process. this explains why the pace goes back and forth from fast to slow - some times thoughts are coming easier, while others require more thought. the blurred letters that are sticking to the background of the screen are meant to symbolize thoughts that are sticking as the poem forms.

if you take a look back at my initial objectives with this project, i'd say i covered them pretty well. comparing this piece to my earlier ones, i've definitely improved with maintaining a consistant look and a better flow. timing is something i really struggled with towards the beginning of learning after effects, and while this piece could still use a bit of improving with that, it's definitely far from where i started. i've also learned with this piece, to try to concentrate on building a story line with a climax (something tyler kept reinforcing) that way it doesn't begin to get boring and easily predictable.

all in all, i'm really glad that i've become more comfortable with this program. i hope to continue exploring possibilities with it and use it more frequently with my projects to come.