Monday, March 26, 2012

[info arch] collection website progress

i've just finished the finalizing my infographs and putting them into my revised website. i've made quite a bit of progress since my last update, so i decided to post some images of where i'm at. the direction i took involves a very playful, 50's style reflecting when my grandpa collected these as a child. oh, and i'm really digging muse!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[info arch] marble design explorations

for my marble collection site, i've decided i want to create a very 50's look since my grandpa collected these in the 50's. i experimented with this using muted, contrasting colors, flat shapes, retro type, faded textures, etc. here's my three different explorations...

Monday, March 5, 2012

[ia] marble wireframes.

so here's a few examples of the wireframes i've begun mapping out for my marble collection website. i only did a few pages of each rather than posting like 16 photos on here that look rather similar. but here are the two different wireframe set-ups that i've explored. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

[user] wiccan research: final statement

working through this project has a been a great learning experience for me and how i'll work with design in the future. with my subculture especially, i've learned how doing the research is vital for understanding an audience. before researching wiccans, collin and i had many preconceived notions about the culture that we found to be incorrect. although it's more common to have misconceptions with our subculture especially, i found through watching my other classmates that this is the case with most subcultures, people, groups, etc. to design for an audience, it's extremely important to get in there and really know what's going on with them rather than just assuming in and jumping into the design process.

while the research phase and learning about this completely different lifestyle was a blast, we found that organizing all of this gathered information from secondary research, interviews, observing, prompts, etc. becomes a tricky task - especially with something as complex as a culture, or a religion. even with 4 weeks of research, there's still so much more to learn and find more out about. it took a lot of time and and a lot of organizing, but eventually we were finally able to arrange all of our information in a way that made sense. the analysis technique process helped a lot with this - especially forming personas and the affinity diagram.

i can really see how the research process in the professional world can be even more time consuming and costly. with the amount of information you gain, however, the process is definitely worth the process to generate the best possible results for that audience. this experience will definitely impact how i think about design in future projects. 

rather than posting images of the book (since i have half and collin has half) i've decided just to wait until we get the blurb book ordered. this way the images will be more professional and can give you a better idea of the book as a whole. but for now you can take a look at our revised stylesheet.

[type 4] exploring synesthesia blog

here's a quick glance at the blog ( i've created for synnies to comment on and interact and to track my progress with this project. so far, i haven't received too much response. i've got about 3 comments and 1 member. i just posted on a few more discussions about it, so we'll see what happens.

as for a way of tracking progress for this project and showing others what i've learned, i've considered a few different options:

  • a book featuring the basis of what i've learned and people that i've talked to. this would give people an idea of the many different types of synesthesia.
  • an app for color-based synnies to customize their alphabet and connect/discuss it with others.
  • a website for synnies and others to interact and to help outsiders to better understand synesthesia. this would potentially be interaction based so that members could customize their alphabets for others to see how they see.
  • another website, but this time made primarily for both synnies and designers. this would be similar to the last idea, except designers could contact synnies and run some ideas through them based on their ideas. this could show to be really inspiring and an entirely new experiment for designers. synnies could have profiles for designers to go through and choose which synnie view they find the most interesting and fitting to their project. this could relate back to my logo analysis project too. or designers could post work for synnies to analyze and comment on. [favorite idea thus far]