Thursday, April 26, 2012

[ia] brawley boutfits progress + icon

i'm having a blast with this project thus far. i keep getting lost in it and spending so much more time on it than i originally plan to. here's all my screens for the scenario explained in my previous blog post. at the bottom is the icon look i have, but i'm still considering tweaking it a bit. it's weird designing something so simple – i keep feeling like i need to work on it more haha. now on to keynoting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[ia] iphone app scenario

For my iPhone scenario, I will show the homepage with the three different options – style, gear, and diy – and show each of those pages. This particular user will be interested in style, so they'll go to that page. They will then narrow down there search by using the tag feature and choose multiple tags. This revised search page will come up and then they will choose a specific item to view and add it to their favorites. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

[ux] nelson map user testing day

On Saturday, we went to the Nelson with some families and were able to test out our maps. Our family was a couple with a son of about 5-6 named Robert. Robert was extremely energetic and was excited to see the sculptures. They seemed to navigate using our map really well and they said that it made sense. I did notice that from the direction we were coming from, it was helpful for them to hold the bag upside down. They didn't notice our Artie the Beaver character on the bag or on the cards. When we arrived to the first sculpture, Robert's mom read him the coloring card which really seemed to interest him. She commented on how well that was written. When we got back inside to color the cards, Robert was very uninterested because he wanted to go back outside. His mom said that he wasn't much of a colorer and preferred doing messier activities. On the sheet, she stated that it may be a good idea to have a variety of possibilities to color the cards and bag because children vary. 

Some things I feel that we need to work on to improve our map include the following:
  • Make Artie stand out more and make the text more engaging - I think especially on the map, we need to find a way to make him more noticeable and draw parents and children to want to read the text in the text bubble. This gives a better idea of the event, and tells that the event schedule is in the bag. My family didn't ever find the event schedule. 
  • Come up with a few other options for coloring the cards - I think this was a great point made by Robert's mom and would provide interest for all types of children. I know that the art tents could possibly already be providing a variety of supplies, so maybe it will just be up to them.
  • Other revisions - redraw characters, refine map/event schedule, etc.
  • Start finding specific places for bag supply/screen printing - This way we can provide solid information since we're nearing the final presentation.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[user] nelson in-class user testing reviews

we did some user testing today with our classmates to see if our maps made sense to others. here's our reviews from abby and patrick. 

[ia] brawley boutfits iphone app + design exploration

we're about to build tailored and tailorable iphone apps for a specific subculture. i've decided to get away from wiccans for now and switch to the roller derby girl culture. i like the idea of designing for a really bold, fun culture.

the app i'm developing is based on roller derby girls and what they wear on the track. roller derby girls tend to be extremely creative and this really shows in their unique outfits worn to tournaments to show off to their opponents. this app will have three things to do, depending on the derby user. she can either view trendy styles uploaded by other derby girls for inspiration, she can look at top rated gear and what others have said about it, or she can go to the DIY section and find tutorials on roller derby related DIYs. the ability to choose between these makes the app super tailorable for the user. they also have the ability to search by tags to get even more customizable results to what they like. go tailorability!  

here's some design explorations. i've decided to go with somewhat of a mixture of the first two.

[user] nelson wayfinding map concept

for our next project, we're creating wayfinding maps for an event at the nelson-atkins museum. these maps will be used by children (6-8) and their families. the goal of these maps is to get the families to visit 6 key sculptures in the sculpture park while promoting their theme "hand built". the theme is meant to focus on the materials and process of which these sculptures were made. there will also be other activities and events going on.

my partner erika and i have decided to put our map onto a carrying bag that would be made out of non-woven polypropylene because it's super cheap. when visiting each of the sculptures, the child would collect a coloring card that allows them to color in the sculpture. on the back of the card the child will find out information about how the sculpture was built and other information. the objective for the child will be to collect all the cards. 

to make this an even more fun experience, we've decided to make a little beaver guy named Artie to lead the children through their experience. he will be the one talking about each sculpture and telling the kids about the activities.

here's our components thus far:

artie, the art building beaver

map. it will be screen printed, so it's only one color

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[info arch] final marble collection website

because this marble collection was formed in the 1950s by my grandpa, i've decided to capitalize this and make my website very 50s-ish with flat vector shapes, washed out colors, and the sputnik pattern. i also made it playful and fun since my grandpa was a child when the collection was formed. some changes will most likely be made this week, but here's the final for now.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[user] navigation experience reading responses

This reading was really helpful for better understanding the age group we'll be designing for. Something I found especially helpful was realizing that children today don't like childish graphics. Knowing this will really influence how we think of our design and color choices. This reading also points out that children are smarter than we think, so don't design thinking they won't notice things. It's definitely right in that children today have grown up surrounded by technology and design, so probably actually have more of an eye for things than we anticipate.

[user] final tailored communication: wiccan education

In order to encourage Wiccans to join through tailored messaging and context, I've created a bookmark and a web advertisement. One major value of Wiccans is educating themselves with knowledge about their culture. When becoming a Wiccan, this knowledge is essential to receiving the "initiation cord". Because of this value, I thought a great method of gaining a Wiccan's attention would be through a bookmark because they'll be reading to gain knowledge about Wicca, and because reading is also a common hobby of theirs. The exact format of this bookmark is also used in a web advertisement on, a social network for Wiccans. Because my message is advertising an online resource, it will be convenient for them to just click the ad while they're already online being engaged in their culture. 

These artifacts are also very visually tailored to Wiccan's values and beliefs. The image on the top has a yellow cord that is entwined through a white pentagram. You'll notice that the tassel on the bookmark is yellow as well. As mentioned before, Wiccans go through stages where they earn cords as they progress down the Wiccan path. This particular yellow cord is the initiation cord which is gained by studying Wicca through classes and research. This is hinted at with the last line in the text that reads "receive initiation". Another core value is to gain balance of all the elements – air, fire, earth and water. The air element is a symbol for intellect, hence the background representing air. While most people would see this advertisement as just a visually interesting artifact, Wiccans will easily understand these carefully thought out elements, making them feel a better connection to the message.

Monday, April 2, 2012

[type 4] brand & packaging concept

to package my past experiments so that others can experience what i have, i've decided to create a hypothetical websites for synnies and artists to collaborate. this way, synnie views can be used as inspiration for artists, or synnies can see their views made into some form of art. to get a better idea of this concept and how this website will function, i'll post the slides from my concept presentation below.