Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[user] adobe design achievement awards submission

for my submission for the adobe design achievement awards, i've decided to submit a gertrude stein inspired motion graphic piece done first semester for narrative sound and motion. i plan to submit a few other things later this month, possibly after some revisements, but this one has now been entered.

[t4] artist meets synnie; final presentation

artist meets synnie

my experimental type project is complete! it's such a relief to see this project finally complete, especially since for a couple weeks it was sort of in a state of limbo where i had no idea where i wanted to take it. i finally decided to take a route of abstractness, similar to the minds of those with synesthesia and integrate elements that both artists and those with synesthesia could relate to. this made the final presentation and website to have a really colorful, abstract aesthetic to it which i found to be really fitting.

as you'll see through this presentation, my final outcome is a website that is meant to connect artists and those with synesthesia to create newly inspired art. i came to this conclusion after my conducting a lot of research on synnies and finding them extremely descriptive and creative with their minds, but many were not as artistic as you would think with their beautiful minds.

you can view my progress of experiments that lead to this final website both on this blog, or alone on my exploring synesthesia blog. to view the final website of artistmeetsynnie, you can view some of the images below or just visit http://design.kcai-sites.com/students/ae/artistmeetssynnie/. please keep in mind, however, that this website meant to only lay out the general function of how the website would work, so there are many links that lead you in circles and whatnot. this summer i plan to just make a video of the website working instead.

[user] what i've learned in user experience

while i've always known that it's important to know your audience when designing, i've never realized how much work that can actually entail and how much this can turn out to really impact your design in the end. i especially realized this when exploring a new subculture as huge as wiccans. even after several weeks of research towards this culture, it felt like there was always so much more to learn. without this research, tailoring designs such as advertisements and iphone apps would have much less successful.

i definitely plan to utilize learned methods of research and applying this research for future projects. i've actually found myself already beginning to apply these techniques. for my experimental type project, i spent the first part of the semester doing a lot of research on those with synesthesia and contacting some with questionnaires and whatnot. i found this research to be really facilitate the rest of my experiments and it definitely had a big impact on my final outcome – for me and my classmates. because i was sharing my findings each week with chris and my other classmates, they were able to really understand and give me good feedback on my final outcome.

all in all, this class has been proof that the time spent researching before a project ultimately saves you from struggling with the design later and strengthens the end design significantly.

[user] final nelson wayfinding experience

Hand Built Wayfinding Experience

After looking at our final wayfinding experience finished and put together in presentation form, I'm really happy with our unique concept and how the look turned out. And fortunately, the Nelson seemed just as pleased with it. They were really excited about our beaver character, Artie, and mentioned that they had been talking about the idea of introducing sort of a mascot to the event. They said the souvenir back was a great idea, especially since it could be used to collect other items aside from the cards in which is something we also talked about.

It turns out they liked our idea even more than we thought, because this morning we received the great news that our idea actually got picked to use for their event! Erika and I are super excited about this, and we really didn't see this coming because of all the other great concepts throughout the class. I hope to attend the event to see our maps actually being used and to take some photos to use for portfolio-sake. All-in-all, I'm very excited about this and very proud for our class as a whole for making the decision so tough for them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

[ia] brawley boutfits; final roller derby app

brawley boutfits is a tailored app designed for roller derby girls as a tool for style and gear inspiration. this app is run by its users and has 3 different options – to view trendy styles, to rate and review gear, and to find roller derby related diy's. the scenario in this video shows cheap trixie looking for style inspiration.

i really loved this project. i think it was a combination of the style of this subculture and designing my first iphone app that i liked so much about it. i'm really into interactive design lately, so i'm anxious to try some more app designs!