Monday, August 27, 2012

va; week 2 readings

visualizing a revolution response
as a designer, i know how much easier it is to work on something when you have passion and a close connection with it. it's obvious that emory douglas had strong feelings towards post-civil rights ghetto life for african americans, and this is what made his work so powerful.

douglas was a smart and talented designer, but do you think his work for the black panther would have been nearly as effective without having a strong passion for what he was designing for? should it be mandatory for designers to have this passion when working with similar organizations on strong subjects?

propaganda and protest graphics response
tweed's political cartoons had a strong influence on the voting public's opinions back in the late-1800's. do you think we are still strongly impacted politically by opinionated visual graphics? why or why not? what about non-political, opinionated graphics?

posters also played a large roll as the primary medium for war propaganda in the 1900's. why don't we see these types of posters displayed anymore? are there other mediums that have replaced this?

design of dissent response
i'm really fond of the quote "we all know this truth, all of us have always known what's represented here, that's why it's so recognizable. and it's time to declare the secret openly in public places; it's time to ask." it seems to me that these posters are acting as a gateway for the public to finally express their thoughts and feelings towards a subject. does art still play this roll today or do you think we are more open about our concerns and protests? if yes, why so?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

mx; communities

to me, communities essentially are a home away from home. i'm sure most of us designers would say our class is it's own community. we have boundaries, emotional safety, a sense of belonging. we have needs, desires, and we've shared successes. even through high school and my community college, i belonged to a few similar clubs/groups. it's like developing another family.

one of the communities that i find to be most fascinating, however, is the type us nerds love -- gaming communities. back in high school we had a ps3 which my brother and i would always be playing this game called "warhawk". it was an online game where you were divided into two teams and had to play capture the flag or steal the bases or something. i always loved the feeling when you were put on one of those really awesome teams where everybody worked together to achieve victory. especially when people had their headsets and could guide the team and collaborate plans. i can totally see how this can make people feel like they're apart of something, even if it is just a 20 minute level in a video game. i think the feeling of being included and welcome is one of the key factors in a community, and why we as humans long to be a part of one.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

design sys; rebranding project

after considering several different options of what would be the most awesome thing to rebrand this summer, i've landed with something i've never even considered in the past. i've decided to do a hypothetical music therapy center. i've always been fascinated with the effects music have on people emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. and especially after doing more research on this topic, i've fallen in love with how this powerful tool can be used to help a range of people with a range of disabilities. music is already a huge passion of mine, so i know i'll have a blast with this from that aspect. but after watching videos and reading experiences of people with alzheimer's, autism, depression, etc. and how music can move them, i've found myself falling even more in love with this idea. it's one of those beautiful, goosebump-giving experiences and i'm stoked to work with it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

mx; first week response

welp, aside from learning how to put 3 pounds of make-up on miraculously without being late for school, i've found that my rate of divergent thinking has significantly decreased thanks to how i was taught throughout grade school. i thought both the awesomely illustrated video and the reading made great points about different kinds of education types that should be explored. our constant advances in technology not only provide another reason for us to start exploring different education methods, but they also offer assistance in achieving this.

although through my process of searching for an interesting article/video lead me to some super neat results, i was a bit disappointed to see that there hasn't been as much of an education shift throughout america as i think there should be, especially after such things (such as in our reading and video) have been pointed out and discussed. knowing that so many children today are still struggling with school and feeling stupid or wrong for it, while we have the tools to overcome this, breaks my heart. </3 let's fix it!

for my article, video gamez help kidz learn!

summer project; yumixo: an iphone dating app

so early-july this summer i received an exciting message on behance. a man named almas from russia had seen my brawley boutfits iphone app and loved the style choices and the design thinking behind it. he asked if i would work for him to redesign his already-out-there app, yumixo. yumixo is an offline dating app where users post their perfect idea of a first date, and others agree to go on these dates with them if interested. after some careful consideration, i agreed to work with almas and his team.

i was obviously super excited because i've found myself really interested in interactive design lately, and i knew this would be great experience. and it was. i learned a lot about iOS standards, about working remotely using basecamp, about cutting up psd files for the developers, and so much more. it was also awesome to get experiencing working closely with a sort of "client" and working together to agree on a look and feel that fit. another nice thing about it, was that they were open to suggestions and feedback, so i got some say in how the app should work and whatnot. it was a really awesome experience.

now for some sample screens that i did. the app will be in the development process for awhile, so there's no say yet for when it will be out. but when so i'll post the link on here!