Wednesday, October 31, 2012

va; degree project questions

  1. how can youth be inspired through a narrative in sound + motion?
  2. what if youth was able to discover talents through an experiential mobile app?
  3. what if musicians could collaborate musically worldwide using tablets?
  4. how can musicians be inspired by communication with collaborative screens?
  5. how can interaction with mobile screens improve the lives of explorers?
  6. how can artists collaborate using communication with collaborative screens?
  7. how can writers/poets be inspired through experiential design with real world + digital?
  8. how can interaction with tablets improve the lives of photographers?
  9. how can narratives through motion improve the work of therapists?
  10. how can experiential design on a computer screen improve the lives of people suffering with depression?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

va; rosedale volunteer response

i volunteered at the healthy halloween even in rosedale last weekend and had a totalllll blast. i went early to help set up, and i loved how enthusiastic and excited all the workers and other volunteers were. it's so inspirational how much they love to help and do fun things to help rosedale. once the event started, i was on bouncy house duty which was obviously great. (i even got a little bounce time in myself.) a lot of the people that came to the event seemed to be related or knew each other somehow. it reminded me much of a small town event (since i'm from a small town) where everybody knows everybody somehow. as we've heard through out interviews, the community seems very strong, positive, and happy. being at a kids event, i also began to view rosedalians as very family-oriented people. the parents seemed happy to be taking their kids to a fun event where they could run around and eat healthy snacks. i think the whole event was a great idea, and the rosedale community seemed to definitely take advantage of it.

sidenote: i saw some of the all time cutest kid costumes ever. especially the two little boys that were dressed as woody and buzz from toy story. made my day. <3

Monday, October 22, 2012

mx; visual directions

direction 1:


 classroom wall:

direction 2:


classroom wall:


 direction 3:


classroom wall:


Friday, October 12, 2012

ds; music therapy. 3 directions.

music therapy - phase 2 presentation

music has an effect on us that is unlike anything else. it's something we all have felt, but is still so hard to describe accurately with words. that's why i've decided to brand a music therapy center to capture this effect in a way that could potentially help others. my objective is to aim specifically at helping troubled youth through music, by branding a younger generation music therapy center with a laid back environment. i also want this to be a reliable brand that health professionals and therapists can recommend with confidence.

when taking three different directions on this, breaking it down to one attribute direction helped a ton. i ended up with three completely different directions to choose from in the end. i really enjoyed trying to think of metaphoric solutions and world plays to represent this brand.

mx; 3d sketching

so in class today, we used some fun materials to create 3-dimensional sketches based off our above wireframes to get out of thinking about everything in boxes. we decided to focus on the hub for our teacher, mr. reed. the final structure represents the flexibility and layers of the hub. the bottom is the base and as you work up the structure, mr. reed is going through each layer unrevealing things about his class and students. the hub is able to analyze the data that is input by students and quiz grades, projects, etc. after working through these layers, the data all comes together at the top to form solutions that can take off (crane) and be applied to the class. the infinity symbols around the base represent the infinite possibilities.

oh, and in result of our awesome working hub, students will dance with excitement of knowledge.... as seen above.

Monday, October 8, 2012

va; week 8 readings

catherine gray on sustainable business
i really loved catherine gray's outlook on sustainability. i've never heard of the natural step, and i had no idea that so many big corporations were involved with such a helpful organization. i do think these corporations are setting great examples by doing so and setting roles that hopefully influence others to move towards sustainability as well.

cradle to cradle
something from this reading that i'd like to keep in mind for future use regarding environmental matters are the four r's: reduce, reuse, recycle, and regulate. i feel like this is a very effective way to keep yourself in check when considering what kind of impact you're having on the environment. this isn't something i have thought about very seriously in the past, but this reading did a good job of making me think about supply and demand, and realize that this doesn't necessarily mean just recycling, but also producing/disposing of less.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mx; wireframe concepts and research


  1. interactive wall using kinect
  2. handheld tablet (hub)
  3. teacher remote watch that controls the classroom
Community: A fifth grade class in a public elementary school learning social studies.

The online system is enhancing the social studies class by connecting students with the concepts presented in textbooks and how it is applied in real world issues using relevant technologies. For example, being able to directly learn about another country/culture by being able to talk directly to the person from that country. Being able to learn about social issues by facilitating debate against other schools that are limited by location; using technology to create the access. Having a digital archive to track learning progress and being able to archive learning materials.