Wednesday, April 3, 2013

degree project: week 10

this week i got a lot of good feedback on my screen designs. i've got quite a few small changes to go back and work with, but it shouldn't take too long before i'm done. this weekend i'm planning on making those changes and beginning to animate the screens a bit. the musicians that i'll be using in my pitch video are in town this weekend as well, so i'll get to film them and begin on my final video soon.... exciting!

since monday's feedback in class, i've focused mostly on two screens that still needed quite a bit of work. i've been struggling a lot with the screen where the musicians edit their song, and i still don't think it's quite there. i'm a lot closer though. here's the two screens that i've been working on this week.

as for my pitch video, i've been looking at some inspiration for how i want to sell this piece.
i'm thinking about taking this approach of leading in with a short intro showing why this would be a useful tool for musicians. maybe showing a musician practicing by themselves or something with text leading the viewer in.

i'm also reallyyyy inspired by "take away show" music videos. they're basically just this same crew of people that hangs out with a band and records them playing casually. it's super intimate and beautiful in this relaxed, carefree way. here's just a couple examples, but i'd love if i could somehow capture this feeling within my video.

so right now i'm kind of choosing between leading the viewer in by setting up a storyline showing why the tool is needed, or leading in by showing the musicians getting set up individually ready to play together (through the app) on this intimate level. the first option seems more appropriate for a pitch video to view how the app works, and second seems more appropriate for a promotional video, but i really want to try to combine them somehow. like a pitch video with the feel and power of a promotional video.

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