Monday, April 22, 2013

spatial: project 3, new concept

soooo, we came up with a completely different concept.

"Legos are the building blocks of imagination."
This is a monument to imagination. 

Central Park, my recreating a section of the park we will be able to apply the ability to connect blocks of lego's to it. This will allow visitors to experience a sense of whimsy, and wonderment. 

  • Buy the basic lego colors of clay. (Yellow, red, blue, and green)
  • Buy or find the tools to carve and paint. 
  • Buy the plants, shrubs, and trees for the park.
  • Buy the benches, lamp pole, trashcan, etc.

  • Test our hypothesis. Based on the size of the tree we'll determine the size of the blocks, and therefore the dots. 
  • Build the model.

  • Photograph and start Keynote.
  • Finish the Keynote. 

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